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Unvented Advantages

Fast filling baths
Hot water at mains pressure
Pressure fed so can be installed anywhere in the property
No need for cold water expansion tank
Utilises mostly existing pipework
Drinking water at all taps

Conventional to Combi: 

Removing a conventional boiler and replacing with a Combi boiler is a little more involved than a Like -for- like Install.

A new Combi in replacement of your old conventional boiler will require removal of your old Cylinder from your airing cupboard along with removal of your expansion and heating tanks (Usually kept in the loft)

In addition, your mains feed may need re-routing and further pipework will be added and/or re-routed.

This work will usually be completed in one day or 1.5 days dependent on the level of work required. 

Unvented requirements prior to install

One thing which can make a difference on your ability to have an Unvented Cylinder fitted is pressure and flow rate. It is generally recommended that an incoming main feed of a least 25mm is in place. and the property has a pressure of 1.5 bar minimum and a flow rate of 20 Ltrs per minute.

Free & Impartial advice on what's best for you, your family and your property

Like - for - Like: 

We can fit a like for like conventional or combination boiler for you within one day.

Usually with a like for like install, disruption is kept to a minimum. depending on whether or not you change the brand, model or size of your boiler there may be some pipework adjustments, and possibly a small amount of brickwork to be made good for the new flue if required.

Regardless, we can usually cary out the work required within a few hours but we'll always book you in for a full day to make sure we can deal with anything unexpected there and then.

Things to consider

One important consideration when converting from gravity fed to mains pressure is existing or old pipe-work this pipework can have fittings, joints or even deterioration that are not evident under low-pressure conditions but could fail when converted to high pressure. Changes to old taps, fittings or joints and even pipework may be necessary  This might, of course, be necessary by virtue of its age, condition and inefficiency. Sometimes, adaptations and modifications over the years can produce a central heating system with a tangle of pipe-works of varying diameters and distribution paths that become problematic in relation to efficiency and maintenance. All the same, this possible replacement should be considered as a potential extra cost.

Deciding on the right Boiler or even whether or not you want a Combi or an unvented system can be a difficult choice to make without all the relevant information to hand. Hopefully the following information will help initially but please feel free to give us a call. We'll be happy to provide free impartial, no obligation information. Beardsley Heath are certified to carry out Installation of all systems mentioned below.

Unvented Disadvantages

Difficult to install and will require the skills of a trained engineer with an "Unvented" Installer certification.

More costly to install compared to a conventional hot water system

Do not work with power showers

May not work with some mixer shower valves.

Unvented Cylinder: 

Replacing your old cylinder with an unvented cylinder to compliment your existing conventional boiler is usually the better option if you have a large property with multiple bathrooms, you plan to add further bathrooms or you simply have a large family. 

An unvented cylinder gives most of the advantages of a combi, but with a few of it's own. 

The down side to it is that you'll still have a cylinder in your airing cupboard so you won't gain that "all important" storage space that you do when switching to a combi and removing the cylinder altogether.

A similar amount of work can be involved as with fitting a combi as we will still need to remove your old cylinder and heating/expansion tanks from your loft. 

In addition to this, we will need to run some new pipework including a mains feed (to) and a discharge (from) your new cylinder and there will be some re-routing of other pipework too.

We'll probably need to increase the size of the mains feed too if your current Mains feed is too small or the pressure is not adequate. 

Usually this work will take between 1 & 2 days dependent on the size of your property and the access to pipework. 

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